HibisQs® is the Trademark for a unique series of improved genetics within the Hibiscus assortment. The unique HibisQs® series is only produced by the leading Hibiscus growers around the world. In Denmark HibisQs® is produced exclusively by Graff Kristensen A/S. The new range of HibisQs® has been developed by the skilled employees at the Hibiscus breeding company Graff Breeding® A/S with a "helping hand" from the magnificent Mother Nature.

The final selection and efforts behind the HibisQs® assortment is based on a wide range of requirements and expectations – commercially as well as for the consumer.

The Hibiscus shown in these two selections are carefully selected among 10.000 to 15.000 unique new seedlings that come to flower in our production every year. These huge numbers is required to have enough Hibiscus genetics to choose from to fulfill the requirements and expectations the partners behind the HibisQs® series demands.

We hope you will recognize these expectations when you enjoy our HibisQs®

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