At Graff Kristensen® A/S, we have a great passion for the natural diversity of exciting plants. Therefore, it is quite natural for us to be involved in environmental considerations in our production methods. Which means we sort all waste and recycle our waste water. The discharge of nutrients and pesticides is reduced to an absolute minimum and in the choice of heating systems we take the utmost account of the environmental impact.

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To demonstrate this effort we are participating in the international Environmental MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt), in which all environmental factors in the operation are recorded and classified. We are here classified in category A (most environmentally friendly).

IPM (Integrated plant-protection methods)

To intensify our efforts to implement the most environment friendly production as possible - we have in collaboration with the horticultural advice / Gartneriraadgivningen and Plant Pathologist Malgorzata Kepler booted an IPM (Integrated plant-protection methods) project here at the nursery in 2010. The project aims are:

  • Implementing IPM principles at Graff Kristensen®

  • Possibly reduce the eventual use of pesticide.

  • Testing the latest knowledge and opportunities.

  • Strengthen environment and public health.

Energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission.

Graff Kristensen® A/S and Graff Kraftvarme ApS started a common "Energy saving program" in 2009 with the target "to reduce our use of energy for heating with 30% in the year of 2013". The project was done one third ahead of time - and the results were so positive, that we at our strategic seminar spring (2011), proposed an extension of the project, giving us a new target "to reduce 50% of our use of energy for heating (based on the use in 2009) by 2015". Making these substantial reductions, we have strengthened our competitive power and fulfilled our commercial obligation given by our government and the EU commission. 

Project Title: Energy and pesticide reduction with dehumidifiers, artificial light, spray booms and UV treatment

Here at Graff Kristensen® we are proud to inform, that we have been certified with a Green Smiley by the Danish Work Environment Authority.

The Smiley are published on the Work Environment Authorities website and allows
the general public to see how an enterprise is doing in terms of health and safety.